Risk yönetimi “Akıl ve Zeka “ Bu ayki yorumun teması olan Risk Yönetimi ve Zeka dan “ zeka” ile ilgili alıntıları, her hafta Hürriyet Gazetesi İK ekinde yazılarını zevkle okudum Serdar Devrim’in 26.04.2015 tarihli makalesinden kendisinden izin alarak yazdığımı belirtmek ve bu vesile ile kendisine teşekkür ederek başlamak isterim. Serdar bey yazısında Zekayı farklı şekillerde […]

Cash Flow

June , 2015

Cash Flow This months article depends on the article written by Mr.Yaman Törüner on Milliyet  06.29.2015   I would like to thank him for his kind permission to share this important “ cash flow” headed article on my site. The most known and important example is the Turkey cash flow crises at 2001. Many big companies […]

Global Credit Research – London 25 Mar 2015 For the second consecutive year, Moody’s Investors Service says its outlook for Turkey’s banking outlook is negative, owing to subdued economic growth and currency volatility, which will reduce growth opportunities for banks and impair borrowers’ ability to service their loans. Alongside moderate asset-quality erosion, the system’s reliance […]

Key Points  As in previous three years, growth in 2014 has disappointed. Compared with the June 2014 Global Economic Prospects, global growth was revised down by 0.2 percentage point in 2014 to 2.6 percent, 0.4 percentage point to 3 percent in 2015.  Increasingly divergent trends are at work in major economies. The recovery […]

December 10, 2014 ISTANBUL, December 10, 2014—New World Bank Report Looks at Turkey’s Rise to the Threshold of High-Income Status and the Challenges Remaining .Steady growth over the past decades has brought Turkey to the threshold of becoming a high-income economy, prosperity has been broadly shared across income groups in the society, and the size […]