Cash Flow

This months article depends on the article written by Mr.Yaman Törüner on Milliyet  06.29.2015   I would like to thank him for his kind permission to share this importantcash flowheaded article on my site.

The most known and important example is the Turkey cash flow crises at 2001. Many big companies altough the banks couldn’t performe cash deficit instead of having huge real assets . TMSF seized 23 banks. Us currency interest rates increased to % 42 . Todays Greece Crise can be defined as high debt, the usage of debt that can nat be convert to production and negative cash flow management shortly “ liquidity management “ .

bcdturkey fotom Cash Flow

We called the amount of the money get in & get out to a a firm is called “ cash flow” .The balance of the money transaction realization is essential for the firm to survive. The firms money output are expenses while the input of money are the operating income, credits and supplementary capital.

There are different types of money transaction, but through the cash flow the firms case must be always fullfilled. İf the money case is getting empty even it is not wholly empty there is a “negative cash flow “. İf a firms money case is wholly empty, we can say that the firm is bankrupt.

Operational protif

If a firm provide the total cash flow from the sales of goods and services , we can define the firm has a operational profit and this firm has a strong structure. The firm may need supplemantary capital to grow . This kind of capital can be ralized by the selling of stock assesment . The capital insertion provide growth unless if it is used for the loss of negative cash flow.

Emplyee payments, payment to subcontractor ,rentals, energy expenses, office costs, the interest and commission of credits, credit back payments, the share profit payments to partners , raw material buyings, lawyer and consultancy payments, advertisement payments, tax payments, social security payments, equipment expenses are the money outputs.

All kind of credits included overdraft , customer prepayments, donations, the incomes from selling properties, are the income sources.


Cash flow management

bcdturkey Nakit Akis Plani Cash Flow

A healty firm must convert all its incomes to cash. A firm even tough very profitable if it can’t pay the salaries on time , there is a lack of cash flow management. İt is called liquidity management of the money in&out come. A good liquidy management predict the right time of income and out come of the firms , and anticipate the incomes more than outcomes. If delays occurs at incomes, it must be rapidly provided by supplementary incomes.

Customers slow payment, seasonal fluctuation or the decrease of sales because of competition, sales under the costs, high fix costs, credits wrong maturity managements are the reasons of bad cash flow management .

The worldwide istatistics shows the bankrupt through SME’ s is % 80 because of wrong cash flow management .