Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the latest popular renewable energy sources .

BCD provides the services mentioned below.

  • bcdturkey Solar energy1 300x211 Solar Energy<  1 mw solar energy plants are the plants  needn’t  to get a license .   These plants can be establish either open or close circuit.  While the open plants produce electricity for both national consumption and for investors own needs, close plants can produce electricity only for investors own consumption.
  • Some examples for < 1 mw close circuit solar energy plants are agricultural irrigation OSB , Residential sites , Civil & Government & military campuses , tourism  etc.
  • The advantages of < 1 mw close circuit solar energy plants are to reduce or to recover the cost of energy consumption. The main purpose of open circuit solar energy plants are trade.
  • BCD develop projects provide profit/loss analysis and implementation consultancy .
  • BCD also provides buying & selling consultancy service.