According to Wikipedia, it describes crises (depression), as a serious threat to an organization macro targets and check outs even its life and a stress situation unable integration and preventing systems which needs to give emergency decisions.

Turkish Language Institution describes the crises, a depression period occurs in a society or a country life. Crises and depression are the same meanings as semantic and a stress situation. Shortly crises is an uncertainty and an unknown stress situation that unable to create a solution and a decision.  Anyway we can philosophically say that “life itself “is a crises situation. Naturel events, human, human relationship, social interactivity and dynamics are all about risk and crises management.

bcdturkey krizsoon Risk Management  End of 2015 Earth population reaches to 7 billion but 2 billion people suffers from starvation and 1 billion from obesity. 2 billion people are in war at different geographies. İncome statistics indicate the real reason of these crises, when we notice the messages of G 20 meetings both the domestic and international leader and businessman critiquing the capitalism and questioning the sustainability and consistency of capitalism. Common sense says capitalism is ending someway and somehow.

There is a new desire to reshape and restage procurement of natural sources especially the energy and raw materials after 1st and 2nd world war. Today’s wars designed in an attorney ship mind by developed countries which can be described a new design of imperialism. Unfortunately todays hidden struggles has a potential tomorrows wider world war. While there is a continuous crises whole through world, Countries, SME’s and People seems to be aware of this reality. I suppose this is the main crises we have. People of Iraq- Syria and Libya surviving at their normal life, their government and business leaders couldn’t assume this sudden dramatic change and loss of almost everything including their lives within few weeks.

bcdturkey Business Tug O War Risk Management  End of 2015 In fact when we analysis the recent 100 year we can easily  say ATATURK is the only leader which can assume the possibilities of various variants both in politics, social science and ext. This is why he is the only leader being admired and respected by whole over world even his enemies when he was alive and after death. Money transactions under today’s global world is very changeable through countries rapidly changing priorities, benefits and policies which cause big vulnerability. What about our country?  Every citizen should engage to our Turkish flag and our Country as home, Every SME should understand risk management priority is essential, every Corporate company and Corporation must have a policy performing economy globally within a sustainable philosophy, Every Government office and manager must be aware of the last 30 recent year events mostly happened to our near geography and especially at muslim countries. Ataturk’s “Peace at home peace at world “statement will be the guiding solution today’s crises. Risk and crises management is all about the individuals having good education, and hardworking performance with a team work discipline. So the first step must be established by both the individuals, companies and corporations is to strengthen these abilities.

I congratulate your new year with by best wishes willing no crises , but also wishing you to manage them accurately.

Ender Balcı BCD Business Consultancy & Development