Risk management , efficency and improvement are the three key services supplied by BCD to SME’s .  As risk management is essential for a sustainable and consistant economic activity  this months issue is again on Risk Management.

bcdturkey  Risk Management Efficency & GrowthThere ara various issues coming on through March and April which will have effect on global and domestic economy.  These coming developments will also effect SME’s directly.

While the US  SP investors  risk perception  come to deepest level  by 13,34 points (VIX) from 2010 to now,  on the other hand it’s not the same at emerging markets  and picture  is changing rapidly to worse. BDI index  which show the economic growth also come to its deepest level by 540 points from 2010 to now .

Turkey is going to face  with FED – Fitch and Moodys  rating explanation , TUIK enflation and unemployement figures  within these months . Stagnation on February at domestic market , vitality of foreign rates , deposit interest rates  increasing over  % 10 , the news about the Citibank’s Akbank share sales and the news  about other global banks restraint from Middle East – Africa and East Countries through by 2017 , coming elections are all the signs  for SME’s to  reevaluate their banks,  suppliers and customers , cash flow and collection.

As this month is the month to set the 2014 balance sheet  , it is strongly advised to SME ‘s to evaluate all these issues, while BCD giving service to SME’s with its ‘’ making the difference together ‘’  philosophy for these issues.