There are various comments about oil price reduction.

After Russia’s  Ukraine – Crimean  and Syria initiatives the oil prices rapidly comedawn  upon  Obama’s & Merkel’s response to these initiatives declaring that  economic sanctions will come againts Russia is one of the approache to the dramatic change of oil prices. Another approach explains after FED new policies the capital begin to move back to US as VIX index verify this development.

bcdturkey 523372 300x192 Risk Managemet Oil PricesThe artice took places on our web on December 2014 the World Bank vice president Tuck said that    ‘’ The decrease of petroleum prices may not be a good news ‘’   . Energy costs and current account deficit comedawn seems to be good news  .  It is also a question that which one is the subject to result , petroleum prices or the world growth ratio  .

As it can be recognized on BCD index, the decreasing trend of economic growth till from 2010 to now and comedawn to deepest point , İt can not be assumed the petroleum prices will stay over 100 us level . BDI index still indicates  there may be changes and effects  on  oil prices, exporting,  unemployement and possible political changes on countries.

The Greek election results,  Dollar/Euro parity change, the restraint of global banks from emerging markets and the changes on Middle East policies are the signs of these effect.

As a result SME’s must have a profeciency on their business, invest their own development and have a consultant about the issues that they think they have lack of utiliy.

There are various risks on SME’s  may  happen .  As a example ,SME which has an annual revenue          3 .000 k  and a annual net % 10 profit,  if a receivable loss of 300 k , a rapid  % 15 change on parity or devaluation,   currency varition cost  against l/c or forward sales .

Under this circumstances , BCD give service to SME’s with its ‘’ making the difference together ‘’  philosophy .