SME’s today are in a deep need of risk management as it was in the past. They need to manage their busines, emplyoees, products,customers, competition, banks, suppliers, creditors, costs, profitabitiy, technology and inovation .  To perform with in a consistent and sustanible circumstance it’s only be able by a efficent  risk management.

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The countries goverments you are importing or exporting can change instantly or counter revolutions may occur. On the other hand, energy costs have such an enormous variety that all the production costs and sales are overwhelmed . In the domestic markets and specially the sectors can not supply cash flow have a great problem with financing .  SME’s cost and quality of finance   is not trustable both because of SME’s themselves and financial institutions.

After the end of  II World war Germany and Japon developed a SME Consultency service so that while  SME’s were  focusing on their proficiency they were also able to get professional support from their SME Consultants which were paid by goverment. As a result we now recognize these countries   national income and the rank out of world economy.

BCD has the same philosophy . We believe and hope that both our firm, SME s and the Turkish economy  benefit out of this cooperation …  As we say  ‘’  Making a difference together ‘’