Accordingly the three index located at helpfull information on our site, BDI indicates the world economic growth  trend, CDS indicates the risk perception of Turkey and VIX indicate  the risk perception of USA chicago market

The well known economists Roubini and Bremmer predicts about 2015 verify these three indexes. While estimations about USA are optimistic (VIX) , there is a pessimistic picture for the rest of the world ecomomy. (BDI) As a result their expactation is a low growth at world economy and a possible break on political and economical  cooperations with volatility.

bcdturkey enterprise risk management Risk Management Sustainability & ConsistencyIf we remember the evaluation of the Turkish companies credibility and morality after a while, the companies present their performance with the amount of properties and their square meters. Later both the sides recognize that the m2 didn’t tell so much and it is not meaningfull.  Profitability  became the new criteria, how big profit you make it is so succesfull. But it is again fall dawn of evaluating and optimization became the new criteria. The growth and profitabilty together is more meaningfull. Recently there is a new criteria that indicates sustainabilty  and consistency, even you have a good growth and profit if it is not sustanible and consistent it is not trustable. Sustainabilty index take place at economic life and also at Turkey from November 2014. From now on its more meaningfull to evaluate companies by their growth, profitibality and also their sustainability.

While Roubini and Bremmers identification indicates possible breaks at economical cooperations at 2015 , it is also needed to evaluate the global economy in point of sustainability and consistency so that it may bring peace,democracy and comfort. İt seems that risk management is essential for ourselves, our companies, our countries even we feel everything goes well.

BCD is keeping on evaluating SME’s and their balance sheets to provide sustainabilty and consistency and ‘’ making the difference together ‘’